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We are an experienced team of programmers
focused on the quality and effectiveness of created software.

What can we do for You?


web applications, dedicated systems: CMS, CRM, integration and visualization of distributed data


Android apps, monetization, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), mobile games


database systems, image analysis (CV), integration and visualization of data, educational games


administration of Linux servers and Docker containers, archiving and migration of data


Reliable and customized software is the foundation for the efficient operation of any organization. Our team understands these needs perfectly by providing advice and continuous cooperation with our Clients.

The principles we pursue during development projects are based on our experience in delivering the highest quality products that meet our customers' expectations.

  • Codiyo ensures the quality and security of the produced software by using tools such as automated testing, or static code analysis.
  • We communicate and consult functional extensions during project implementation so that the Client has the greatest impact on the final result.
  • Our programmers focus on adapting to the needs of our customers while exceeding their business expectations in terms of advice and support.
Reliable dedicated software

Who are we?

CODIYO is a group of well-trained programming enthusiasts with complementary competencies - from creating complex user interfaces, analyzing and visualizing data, implementing complex business logic, to providing IT infrastructure. Codiyo continually improves the quality of its software through the organization of internal seminars, participation in conferences and regular pair programming sessions. By fulfilling the expectations of our Clients we are not wary of taking on new challenges and new technologies. If you are looking for a reliable and proven team, please contact us.